The Shop

Our shop in Craig, Colorado houses our two presses, 5 employees, mountains of ink and all the other equipment we use to produce custom, high-end screen printing.

We're on Fourth Street, as you head East to meet back up with Highway 40. Stop by any time to check out our operation. We host field trips for school groups, Boy Scouts and other clubs. Many times when customers stop in to pick up their orders, we end up showing the curious ones how it all works. We always appreciate the chance to share our craft, and we joke that it's good for the world to know that we don't just push a button and out plops a perfectly printed T-shirt.

Our staff has more than 15 years experience screen printing, and craftsmanship is a company ideal.

A couple things that can't be overlooked in our shop include the iPod station, where our pressman, Sam, plugs in his daily mixes that keep our shop rocking while the presses spin. Sam's curated music collection rings out over the din of the exhaust fans, the air compressor and the pressure washer while we ply our trade.

Also, there's The Observer, which is our name for the giant ball of masking tape we've been collecting for about 10 years. Our goal is that when we outgrow our shop, the ball will be too large to move and we'll have to leave it behind to puzzle the next tennant.


Screen printing shops can be smelly places where solvents and harsh chemicals are the norm. But even before the G-word was a guarantee of hipster status, we had traded our xylene for citrus solvents, traded our petroleum distillates for soybean oil (which is magic on screen printing ink!), and tossed out our solvent-heavy shirtboard glue in favor of a waterbased glue, which is essentially a watered-down version of Elmer's that we buy by the gallon.

It that point, it wasn't a marketing ploy, but an honest choice to make our home-away-from-home a safer place for our employees.