Production Capacity

Once the press is set up, calibrated and the test prints are complete, we can produce printwear very quickly. We've received thousand-shirt orders on Monday for delivery Wednesday and finished with time to spare. Our pressman, Sam, rolled up his sleeves and printed them all, fronts and backs, in one day.

During a week in May, we produced 10,000 multi-color t-shirt prints in one week's time.

That's not our favorite way to do it, but it gives you an idea. Sometimes people see our small storefront, or our delivery pickup driving around and they think, "That's cute, a nice little T-shirt shop." And it's partly true, we're an almost-family operated little shop in a little town in northwest Colorado. But those homey elements are the tip of a much larger iceberg. To feed our families in this extremely competitive market, Chaos Ink has become an industrial-capacity print shop with a highly-trained staff that follow very strict guidelines for every step of our very technical trade. The result has been that we've achieved a level of efficiency and productivity we hadn't dreamed of 10 years ago -- a level of capacity that might seem incongruous to our tiny footprint and our humble locale.

We've been so lucky to build a very loyal local and regional clientele that appreciates our work and keeps our presses rocking year-after-year and season-after-season. We really appreciate those folks who trust us with their printing and enable us to make a living doing what we love right here in Colorado's sweetspot.