Cyme Eleanor


In the beginning, there was only Cyme. She helped us build Chaos Ink from Day 1.

When she went home to be a momma, we suffered a great loss. But everything that is Chaos Ink has been touched by her eye for all things clean and beautiful.

She still takes care of a handful of clients when she's not picking up after little boys and taking care of the chihuahuas. And we regularly steal from her vast reserve of artwork know-how.

Cyme is one of those people who was born to be an artist and also works very hard at it: a very effective combination. With a few strokes of her pen, she can make you wonder why you ever bothered to try to be a graphic designer. It's a treat to watch her work, if she'll let you.

She doesn't work on art 9-5 anymore, but instead during all the bits and pieces of time she can find when the boys are occupied. She creates artisan-quality handmade quilts. She paints. She draws. She cuts up yummy salad ingredients and lays them out beautifully on the cutting board. You know those restaurants where they let you draw on the butcher paper on the table. Well, Cy will grab a crayon when her beer arrives and by the time the waiter brings the food, she'll have crafted something amazing. In crayon. Other people at the table will be looking around for some scissors, because, We're not just going to leave that here, are we?

Cyme is the legacy of artwork at Chaos Ink and we're happy to plagiarize her body of work. Oh, also, her photography... Seriously, it's very, very good, too.

Cy sells many of her hand drawn (and hand-printed) items online, so check out her etsy store.